2016 NRA High Power Rifle Clinic


Group and individual coaching on the firing line

The clinic is geared toward all levels of experience, everyone can & will benefit from plenty of useful pointers, translating into better groups and higher scores. You need not be a High Power match shooter in order to benefit, I therefore encourage casual & serious rifle shooters alike to attend.

Sunday May 15th, 2016 on the high power firing line at Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club, starting at 9:00 AM sharp! New shooters, our objective is to take away the butterflies, those associated by doing something new. Our focus is, first assisting the new shooter who asks what High Power Rifle is all about & how to get started. Second, assisting experienced shooters learn the fine points of marksmanship, enabling them to further improve their shooting abilities and scores.

Neither a lack of equipment or experience need intimidate any shooter. Several experienced match shooters/instructors will be on hand coaching, as well as addressing questions or problems you may need help with on an individual basis. This is a fun learning event, so come play & learn with us.

The Clinic will be intentionally broad in nature, intentionally broken down into smaller groups of shooters for better hands on coaching. Some of the subjects that will be covered are as follows:

*Scoring procedures *Safety  *Mental conditioning *Ammo
*Sight alignment *Breathing *Effects of weather *Theories
*Sight picture *Slings *Natural point of aim *Zeroing
*Trigger control *Rules *Firing line procedures *Equipment
*Positions *Coaching *Wind reading *Questions?

SCOPED RIFLES ALLOWED but that does NOT include bolt or lever action hunting rifles, NO rifles with bipods, compensators or muzzle breaks, best to contact me if you have questions. Iron sight rifles are preferred, a semi auto rifle with two magazines/clips or a bolt gun with magazines or stripper clips is also preferred. Remember to bring any misc equipment you may already have, ammo, spotting scope & stand or binoculars, sling, some type of glove for your non-trigger finger hand and something padded to lie down on for starters will help. For those missing some or all of the aforementioned, we have a full selection of High Power loaner gear including x ring rifles, just ask to use any or all.

As mentioned we will have rifles available for use by those without, I’ll also have ammo at reasonable prices should you need it, contact me to inquire. The cost to attend is $30.00, which includes the clinic and your match entry fee for one follow up regularly scheduled HP match during the year, that makes attending the clinic FREE! Check out all our events & video's of what we do at www.CentralJerseyHighPower.com

Bring a friend or relative, membership in the NRA or Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club is not a requirement to participate. Contact John Donald at 732-410-9999 or jd1041@juno.com

*** SPACE is INTENTIONALLY LIMITED thus latecomers may not make the cut.